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Landscaping arbors are structural arch supports that you often see in a garden. They come in a variety of dimensions of height, width and depth. They come in all types of materials. The most popular are wooden arbors, metal arbors, and vinyl arbor. Red cedar is the classic material for building arbors in North America, but arbors are also made out of vinyl, wire, stone, bentwood and other materials. Throughout history, garden arbors have been made from varying materials. In the gardens of medieval England arbors were made from stone. In ancient and modern Greece and other places such as North Africa and Turkey, arbors can be found built from adobe and plaster. Gardeners and landscapers in France, Spain Portugal and many other places used wrought iron and other metals. Landscapers in India, Japan and China predominately used wood in the construction of their arbors. To see all these styles we suggest you go to SimplyArbors.com. They have quality arbors and a great selection. Here is there link. SimplyArbors.com.

Arbor types and their uses

In the modern world of synthetics, plastic is often used for arbors; however plastic has less structural integrity and cannot withstand the load bearing capacity that is required for such plants as grapes and roses. Because Vinyl arbors are light in weight they make great decoration as a wedding arbor. Wood is a classic choice for arbor construction because plants thrive on its porous surface, which provides them easy gain to water that the wood has absorbed. Metal and stone arbors last through the ages, but they need to be anchored in cement and are not as easily constructed, and they often require craftsman to assemble them.

Arbor construction styles

They are usually constructed using a double-side design but can sometimes contain three sides. Arbors are often constructed with a latticework or ladder slat design and may have arched, peaked or flat roofing. Sometimes they contain additional support slats.

Landscaping Arbor Ideas

Whether you’re intending to construct a garden border, front yard entrance, freestanding arch, garden corridor, or a plant-climbing structure; the garden arbor can be modified to cover your landscaping requirements. Landscapers and landscaping designers like the popular wooden arched arbor to form an entrance to a garden. Landscaping arbors create cozy spot in a garden and are inviting and pleasing to the eye. Arbors are also a great way to highlight a spot or create a beautiful entrance within a garden. The arched arbor is perhaps the most popular style. They can function as entry gates for properties surrounded by fencing. They can point out and capture the eye for specific areas within the landscaping. Garden Arbors provide a great spot for shade on decks, porches, and patios. Here some helpful links. SimplyArbors.com.

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